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About THESi

THESi is the new Controlled Parking System of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. It is one of the most advanced and integrated technological systems in Europe, with online functions – service interface – control – public information. THESi aims to facilitate search and finding of a parking place in the city, to prevent illegal parking and all the problems this causes in Thessaloniki as well as to relieve to traffic congestion.

THESi ensures:

  • Free parking spaces (blue line for residents in their area.
  • Visitor parking spaces (white line -) with a price corresponding to the parking time.
  • Caring for disabled fellow citizens-visitors.
  • Paperless policy (scratch cards, phone cards, etc.).
  • Easy parking process through phone calls, SMS, App, internet and smart devices.
  • Easy access –with license plate number, used as “key” for all system operations (vehicle registration, parking, legality check).
  • Easy purchase of parking time at one of the 400 points of sale (kiosks, mini market, OPAP agencies) with special marking.
  • Possibility of proportional billing (per minute) and not pre-purchased parking time for registered users.
  • Fast and effective control by the competent authority.
  • Foreign tourist friendly, since it operates in two languages.
  • Limitation of traffic problems and the resulting pollution.
  • Upgrading of quality of life.