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Eligible for Free Parking

Permanent residents οf the Municipal Communities where THESi is implemented, are entitled to free parking, provided they have a permanent resident card. In order to obtain it, they must submit a request accompanied by the necessary supporting documents. If the Application is accepted, they will receive the special card, which is placed in a prominent position in the vehicle and in this way they will have the right to freely park at the permanent parking spaces for residents of the zone for which they have been granted the card.

The same procedure is followed by residents who are also disabled persons eligible for free parking places.

In the future the Applications will be submitted to the respective Municipal Community at following respective address:

1st Municipal Community: City Hall: 1, Vassileos Georgiou Avenue, P.C.: 546 40

3rd Municipal Community: 25, Theofilou Avenue, P.C.: 546 33

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