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Application for a Resident Permit

Permanent residents in the THESi implementation zones are entitled to free parking in the blue-lined spaces in their neighborhood. Once they have applied for the issue of a special resident card and if accepted, they should, on receipt of the special card, place it in a prominent place in their car. This special resident card certifies to the Municipal Police that this vehicle, which has parked in the blue-lined spaces, has the right to free parking in that area.

In order to apply for a resident card, please refer to the appropriate Municipal Community:

1st Municipal Community:
City Hall: 1, Vassileos Georgiou Avenue, P.C.: 546 40
231 331 7282
231 331 7290
231 331 7292

3rd Municipal Community:
25, Theofilou Avenue, P.C.: 546 33
231 331 8268
231 331 8269
231 331 8271
231 331 8275