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FAQs about Residents / Disabled

No. Every residence is entitled to only one resident card and this is checked by the electricity supply number.

No, it will be necessary to transfer even a small percentage so that the name of the resident in the vehicle’s license.

No. The car cannot be assigned. Only a small percentage can be transferred (eg 10%).

Yes. Excluding spouses, for whom, for example, one may have the driving license and the other the vehicle license.

The supporting documents required are: E1 with registered old address, lease (if rented) and change of address to the tax authority in order to declare the new permanent residence.

In this case, the interested party must submit the old lease together with a declaration by the owner of the property declaring the extension of the lease for 2018 or the renewal of the contract.

Document E9 must be stamped by the tax authority, otherwise the Applicant may present a recent evidence of Unified Property Ownership Tax (ENFIA) EFF.

The supporting documents required are: E1 of the applicant, E2 and E9 of the person who grants, as well as all the other documents mentioned in the Application form.

No, but the power supply number must match that of E1 and Form E9. The electricity bill may be in any name. Only the supply number is considered.

It must be declared to the Tax Authority.

No, it is not foreseen in the decision of the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki.

According to decision No 724/22-04-2019 of the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki, they can.

Only diplomas awarded in EU countries are accepted.

Old permanent residents’ cards for Municipal Communities A, C and E cease to Apply. Those wishing to park free of charge in resident spaces in their area will have to process the new card.

In order to obtain and Apply for a permanent resident card, you will be addressed to the main building of City Hall at 1st, Vasileos Georgiou A’ Avenue, on the ground floor.

The process is as follows:

  • Completion and submission of Application and other supporting documents
  • Application evaluation
  • Approval of Application
  • Consignment of the permanent resident card

The implementation of the measure Applies to municipal Communities A ‘, C’ and E ‘. The permanent resident who will acquire this special card will be able to park on the blue lined spaces in his own municipal community.

No. Free parking is only available to resident spaces with a blue line. In white-lined spaces you will have to pay the corresponding parking amount.