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Other ways to Pay for Parking

We suggest using the ParkPal app. Instead, you can also park by phone call or SMS. In order to do that, you need to sign up with

Register with

Myparkpal offers the ability to register and also manage the unique user account created after you sign up. Registration at is a prerequisite for using the parking service by phone or SMS.
ATTENTION! Even if you have already signed up through the App, when you first log in to, you must also register on the webpage (with the same phone and mail as in the App) so that you also enter a PIN code that you can to use when you want to park by phone or SMS.

As a registered user, you link your mobile number to your vehicle or vehicles license plate number. So, THESi, the “smart” Controlled Parking System, recognizes your number either through a phone call, or through the ParkPal App, or by sending SMS. Parking procedure via phone call and SMS is described below.

Parking by phone

As a registered user, dial from your stated mobile phone the numbers 15102 or 231 231 5404 (with billing in both cases). The center then gives you a variety of features, including: parking, information on the registration and operation capabilities of the Controlled Parking System, and the ability to connect to the helpdesk support in case of a problem.

As user who wants to park with a phone call, follow these steps:

  1. Press key “1”. The system recognizes the vehicle, thanks to the connection you have made between your mobile phone and your vehicle’s license plate . If you have connected more than one vehicle, the system asks you to select the vehicle you wish to park.
  2. Indicate the five-digit SECTOR number (shown on the information plate on the street).
  3. Press key”1″ to confirm.
  4. Finish parking. – The whole process does not last longer than 1 minute!

To stop parking, simply dial the same number and press key “1”. In this way, you stop parking immediately by paying the amount form your “e-wallet” in proportion to your total time of parking.


  • Your mobile phone must not have a blocked number.
  • A precondition for doing this is to have sufficient credit in your “e-wallet”.
  • Maximum Parking Time is 4 hours.

Parking by SMS

A prerequisite for you to park by SMS is to sign up at When you sign up with, enter a PIN code. This code is required for your SMS parking. You should also have your license plate assigned to

To start parking, send the following SMS to 6980255555:


That is, if your PIN is 1234 and you want to start parking in sector 19151, then you send:

1234 START 19151

You will receive a response or failure message. ATTENTION! If you do not receive a reply message, do not resend SMS.

If parking starts successfully, you will be informed in the reply SMS about your available parking time.

If you want to stop parking sooner then you should to send the following SMS:


For example in the above case:

1234 STOP